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You know there is a reason behind people still using e-mail (instead of instant messaging), and other people try pushing REST on us?

Well, e-mail and URLs work even on a connection which has a Big Lag. Or latency. You can write an e-mail now and check for the answer an hour later.

And RESTful sites have the advantage of being cacheable (for read only, of course). So you can run httrack on them and browse them later, or better, put an HTTP cache server in your LAN.

In other words: did you know that the Moon is 384 thousands km away from us? That’s about 1.2 seconds for the light to travel..The distance of Mars from our planet has a minimum 55 millions of kilometers and a maximum of 376 millions.

Thats between 3 and 20 minutes “one way lag” ! Now let me tell you something while I clicked that AJAX combobox…


None of the Science-Fiction books I read featured “out in space” Internet .

Think Big Lag!


Written by vlad

January 11, 2008 at 4:46 pm

Posted in laugh, strip

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