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what happend to overwrite mode?

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Two kinds of cursor image were used in the beginning of terminals:

Some may think that this is quite the opposite, since the command prompt from today’s and yesterday’s Windows is the other way around:

this is the insert mode And this is the replace mode: commandcomreplace.png

You can switch to the old-fashion prompt, in Windows 2000/XP by setting cursor size to Large in the window’s properties.

this is the insert mode And this is the replace mode:
insert-mode-2.png overwrite-mode-2.png

Although rarely used, this “overwrite” mode is very useful sometimes. This is why windowed application continued to provide it, signaled through a little status bar “led” like this one:


To activate “OVR” just press the Insert key..

Now for the question: what happend to overwrite mode in Word 2007?

First, it isn’t there: you type Ins and nothing happens. Nor does something else happen (Insert isn’t bound to another action).

Second, you can turn it on in only a 3 steps, but I’d recommend ticking “Use the Insert key to control overtype mode”

Third, if you want the “led” you have to right-click on the status bar and tick “Overtype”:


This is awkward: it’s like, what will be disabled next? the Del key? or the Tab one?

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December 17, 2007 at 10:46 am

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