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Good software has keyboard shortcuts. This way, if you use it often, you can become more productive (by not leaving the keyboard to reach for the mouse).

This is one of the reasons I love Total Commander and I hate windows explorer: the first has shortcuts for 99% of the things you can do, the latter has only some shortcuts, and it incredibly slow at processing them.

Another thing I love about commander clones is that I don’t have to learn too many new keyboard shortcuts (e.g. F6 was Ren/Move in NC ten years ago, shift-F6 is the new shortcut for in-place renaming in TC).

But no matter how many shortcuts you learn, you will still meet a software that needs you to redefine keys.

Redefine Keys

This option was necessary in 5-keys-arcade-games as is still necessary in 200-shortcuts word processors.

And it has progressed until Office and it’s “Customize Keyboard” dialog:

Customize Keyboard

But Office is a software that everybody (I think) has used some time or another, and most of us know it’s keyboard shortcuts already. But as a programmer I also used Visual Studio – before.

And today I am using Anjuta, a GTK programming environment, and I have the Auto Complete keyboard shortcut redefined from Ctrl-Enter to Ctrl-Space. How did I did that?

Simply opened Edit and selecting AutoComplete… and press Ctrl-Space. That’s it!
initial-autocomplete-setting.png redefine-keyboard.png

Ta-da..! The unassigned shortcut key is assigned directly to the selected option for you;)

(there’s another catch, though: careful what you type when you open a menu… :-D noticed the shortcut I accidentally set for Undo?)

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December 12, 2007 at 9:11 pm

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