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Google finds Java ‘portlet’

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All the interesting things in Java are based on bytecode manipulation (erm.. instrumentation) – take Spring, Hibernate, AspectJ, Acegi security etc.

frameworks users prefer to modify classes in-memory, at runtime, based on non-standard configuration files, than to switch to a more modern language.

Now watch this: Google uses Java (hooray! – or, no, wait..) – and lately, Java is GPL (v2)

As Android came out, something happened:

Android‘s programs are written in Java, using Java-oriented IDEs (it also comes with an Eclipse plugin)… it just doesn’t compile the java code into java bytecode but (ops, Sun didn’t see this one coming) into Dalvik bytecode.

But Google doesn’t need Spring; It has Guice! Spring does a shitload already, including aspects and security. My two cents: it will cease to work. Android may be just the beginning, others may come.

So my conclusion is that Google folks are better at re-inventing other’s ideas so that they shed a new light : a Java class is not portable, only the (open-)source is, and only the makers of Android can stick to binaries!


Written by vlad

December 4, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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