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slackpkg vs. swaret vs. slapt-get

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Long time ago I remember myself searching which one of these is best as a remote-mirror-package manager for Slackware.
There are three flavours, excluding the provided pkgtools :
1. slackpkg
Provides the exact features of installpkg/removepkg/upgradepkg but you can use a ftp/http/etc mirror. No dependencies et Co.

2. swaret
Has the same commands as slackpkg (update brings the file list up-to-date, then upgrade, install or remove, after a search)
The difference is that, after installing the files, it runs ldd against each binary (executable or library) and if it catches some missing libraries, searches through the file list of the mirror again and offers itself to install those packages too.

3. slapt-get
The same as slackpkg, but, against Slack’s phylosophy, uses a dependency list as a metadata for the .tgz itself. You can see here what I’m talking about.

My advice: swaret, because it installs from network, just as slackpkg, and resolves missing libraries. Not dependencies written by some fool human..

Also, do not install programs from sources just like that. Download checkinstall, and instead of making
sudo make install

do a
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo checkinstall

after you set PAK_DIR="/builds" in your etc/checkinstall/checkinstallrc file (and of course, after creating that directory).

That way you will have .tgz’s ready for redistribution or uninstall;)


Written by vlad

November 5, 2006 at 1:03 pm

Posted in trivia

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