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I’m back with info on T230 for Linux (see here for Windows):
I have read somewhere that the T200 modem was also configured by default to use 9600 baud.

Actually, this was the default speed at which it _receives modem commands_ (and ATDT *99***1# was one of them.. so ‘game over’, stuck at 9600).

The ‘pot of gold’ is AT+IPR=115200.

Try this: using *minicom* from a terminal, configured to work at 9600, type
to see all supported baud rates.

Next, type AT+IPR=? to see the current speed: 9600.

Now, all you have to do is, at 9600 baud, to issue a command that changes the baud to 115200 and saves this settings (which remain even if the phone is switched off).

The standard command to store settings modified by other AT commands is AT&W. But since, after changing the baud rate, you won’t be able to type this command – only if you close minicom and start it at 115200 – .. and because if you close minicom your settings will be reverted to 9600 (if minicom issues an AT&F to reset [F]actory settings).. the only solution is:


(press Ctrl+A Q) – yes, quit minicom

..and there you are!

Start kppp or the dialer you like (use pppd directly), set the speed to 115200 (remember to drop the default route if you have one, I noticed ppp won’t add another if already there) and connect.

At least it worked for me.

p.s. Ah, make sure no program sends the AT&F command.
If so, repeat the minicom saving of settings.

p.s.2: this should fix the driver requirement for t200 in Windows, too. Sorry, I just erased it:D


Written by vlad

July 1, 2005 at 9:44 pm

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